Full Set

Acrylic $30 

One of the more durable forms of nail enhancement typically recommended for people with nails thinner than average. It is ideal for people with nails that are not as strong and nails that are weak and brittle. Acrylic nails are likely a popular choice for their durability and their low maintenance.

Solar $50 +

This type of acrylic nail enhancement, which is commonly referred to as two toes, uses a double process and white powder for the free edge, plus two shades of pink from which to choose, for the nail bed. It is quick, it takes less than an hour for those people who are running late and pressed for time.

Dipping Powder $35 

Get stronger, lightweight, and natural long-lasting nails with dip powders and dip essentials that don’t damage the nail bed. Formulated without harsh chemicals and with added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails.

LCN ( Pink & White ) $70 
LCN ( Pink Only) $55 

This is a cosmetic fingernail extension. This durable lightweight and flexible material are made without harsh chemicals, damaging to your natural nails, a compelling alternative to acrylic, nail enhancements. Remarkable clarity and a honey-like texture make them a convincing alternative and a smart choice.

Fill in

Acrylic $23 
Solar $30 +
IBD Gel $25 
LCN ( Pink & White ) $55 
LCN ( Pink Only) $35 

Permanent Make Up

Lip liner  


Eyebrows $8 
Lips $6 
Chin $6 
Side Burns $10 
Full Face $25 
Under Arms $20 
Half Legs $30 
Full Legs $50 
Bikini Waxing $20 
Eyelash Extension $35 & Up
Eyebrow Tin $15 


Manicure $10 
Pedicure $20 
Hand Polish Change $7 

(free 2 designs)

Toes Polish Change $10 

(free 2 designs)


Regular Manicure $15 

This rejuvenating skin and nail treatment include cutting, shaping, and painting of the nails, cuticle, and skin softening. A Hand massage, with a hot towel, lotion and polish is a part of this relaxing service.

Paraffin Manicure $20 

Includes all the features from our regular manicure with the added, luxurious ‘ paraffin ‘ spa treatment. It’s more than a luxurious addition to a manicure.

There are health benefits too. First, the hands are repeatedly submerged in a miniature tub of wax, scented with soothing oils. As the wax dries, heat is absorbed in the skin, which opens up the pores. Once the dried wax is completely cooled. It will be pulled away removing dead skin cells along with it.

Collagen Manicure $25 

Includes all the features from our regular manicure and finished with your choice of gel polish with the best brand names like OPI, Shellac, DND, Perfect Match, Guccio, which provides the best gloss look and long-lasting color.

Gel Manicure $27 


Regular Pedicure $26 

This classic treatment includes our mineral water bath, shaping of nails, buffing to the healthy shine, cuticle care, Pedi scrub, aloe vera, relaxing, massage, hot stone, and a hot towel, finished with a choice of regular polish.

Jelly Pedicure $32 

One of the many benefits of a jelly pedicure is a dense mixture that massages stressed muscles acting as a gentle fragment exfoliate that retains water, which moistens and softens dry cracked skin. Included in this service is a callous exfoliating plus a hot stone massage.

Spa Pedicure $38 

The lower extremities are immersed into our aromatic foot soak wearing a cool mint mask and warm towels wrapped around your legs. Nails and cuticles are reshaped, buffed to a shine. A salt glow scrub, a callous exfoliated and tension relieving massage soothes pain muscle aches and heals dry or cracked skin.

Organic Spa Pedicure $45 

The feet are soaked, cleansed, and softened in a bath of Dead Sea, salt. The sugar scrub gently exfoliates, even moisturizes your skin, leaving it feeling smoother. A moisture mask helps your body, as it restores its natural oils. A massage cream helps condition your skin. Paraffin over your feet to make the skin soft.

Ultimate Pedicure $65 

Our cleanest, most hygienic spa pedicure. A foot bath, enriched with key ingredients provides your feet the restoration it needs, included in this service is a sea salt soak, sugar scrub, mud mask, massage lotion, callus remover, and finishing moisturizer. Steam and paraffin over your feet to make skin soft.

Gel Pedicure $38 


Hands $8 
Feet $12 
Cut Down $5 +


Air Brush $5 +
Hand $5 +


Acrylic $4 
IBD Gel $5 +
LCN $7 +
Removal $12 

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